Appreciating Australia

I often go for a walk down the end of my street into the beautiful cool of the local national park. It is here that I regularly spot kangaroos and lately koalas. There has been a particular tree that must be the home for a mother koala and her baby. I’ve gotten to see the progress of the baby simply wanting to be with its mum all the time to each of them being in separate trees. The two of them have often been so high up that it is impossible to get a picture. Today I finally saw a koala (not the mother and baby) up close, unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera, but it was still amazing

It does really make me really appreciate where I live. Often I get annoyed how Australia is isolated in terms of how it is usually the last place for overseas movies, TV shows, music, books and video games to be released in. I enjoy a lot of J-Pop (Japanese pop) music so a lot of these singers rarely come to Australia (if ever) even when they do “world tours” going to countries such as England and America.

Yet when it comes to seeing young kangaroos or  fluffy koalas I feel really thankful to be living in such a beautiful area with wonderful wildlife.

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