Speaking Alone Review

The title of Here There and Everywhere’s (HT&E ) latest show, ‘Speaking Alone’, perfectly describes what the show is about i.e. various characters speaking monologues alone on stage. In total there are 50 monologues performed by 16 of HT&E’s actors, so if you don’t like monologues or speeches of any kind this show is not for you. If on the other hand you enjoy meaningful discussions about life or a good laugh then this is the show for you.

Overall the performance level was very high, as is to be expected. It was also really great that the actors could utilise such a small space. The only other general comment I have is lighting. They coped with the limitations of the small venue by using a range of block colours to light up the stage. The colours they chose for each monologue suited them perfectly. For example fleshy pink coloured lighting was perfect for the monologue entitled ‘Sex, Everyone Does it’.


Cast and crew of ‘Speaking Alone’


I won’t go over every single monologue so I’ll only focus on my two favourites, which are ‘Bullied’ performed by Andrew Dove and ‘Mixed Feelings’ performed by Brenton Marriott. These stood out to me as I could relate to them personally and I believe many other people would too. ‘Bullied’ is about, obviously being bullied, but also the struggle to find acceptance in a world that still looks down on people who are different. This is familiar story for most and its something people struggle with all their lives. Not only is the story  relatable, but Andrew also performed it really well. His believability seems as if some of or most of the monologue is influenced by his personal experiences. While most of the monologues are written by Phillip A Mayer (who also directed the show) a few are written by or co-written by cast members. Andrew’s ‘Bullied’ monologue is co-written and based on ideas by him.

‘Mixed Feelings’ is about that really awkward time when you fall in love and you don’t know what to do because you’re not even sure if it really is love and how does the other person feel and… so on. Again this is a situation that I can personally relate to as I’m sure many people can. Brenton’s performance demonstrates perfectly  the termoil that goes on inside our heads when we experience these “mixed feelings”.

Like I said overall the performances were really good and I would write about all of them if I had enough time and space. Anyway if you are interested then you can still see the performance yourself in Stratford on the 16th September (this Saturday).

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