I blame cosplay….

For me many things in my life have changed thanks to cosplay. Some of these things are good some aren’t so good. Anyway you can decide for yourself.

I love cosplay workshops, but some people might find that weird….

I blame cosplay…

  • For my love of sewing: sewing is a useful skill to have and I only became interested when I wanted to try and make my own costumes.
  • For my messy room: the amount of times fabric and pins just simply ends up everywhere….or even wig hair I’ve cut…
  • For making me learn to to do my own makeup: I have never liked makeup, but cosplay and acting has made me want to at least be able to do it myself. I now have more makeup than my mum even though I wear it less often…
  • For my many cuts over the years due to pins and needles: I stab myself simply sometimes because I have bad aim.
  • For my lack of wardrobe space: seriously my Loki costume takes up so much space, but there is no way I’m getting rid of it.
  • On my impulse fabric and pattern buying: when I see sewing patterns 50c each or clearance fabric, it’s pretty hard to resist.
  • For my collection of weapons: it’s okay they’re not real, but if anyone ever breaks into my room watch out because I have the Master Sword.
  • On my fashion sense: my fashion style is literally influenced by the characters I like so I can feel like I’m cosplaying even when I’m not cosplaying. If that makes sense.
  • For why I still have my school uniform: I mean what if there’s a character with a similar uniform…
  • On why I’m still interested in buying school uniforms: basically see above.
  • On the content of my journalism assignments: basically if I can use cosplay, conventions or lolita fashion as a news story for an assignment I will. These assignments will often be posted here.
  • On my interest in photography and filming: I love taking photos and videos at conventions.
  • For my friends: I have awesome friends and it’s especially fun when you can cosplay or go to a convention together. Spread the love of cosplay.
  • For my photographs with strangers: the amount of times I’ve had a photo with a cosplayer simply because I like the character and/or costume….
  • For my awkward conversations about what my hobby is: sometimes cosplay is cool, however if someone asks me about cosplay and they’ve never heard of it before it’s often awkward to try and explain it. Some people I’ve encountered don’t exactly approve of cosplay and some of those people I know and like. Sometimes I try and keep my cosplay a secret from people who might be a bit judgemental. I could almost do a whole blog post on this point which I might actually do sometime.

I realise that’s a lot of things and I could go on about more, however I’m also interested to hear how cosplay has changed your life? The good, the bad and the embarrassing….

So feel free to comment and share! I’ll probably explore some of these issues and ideas further in other posts. 🙂

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