The Cosplay Cycle

This is basically what happens to me in the lead up to a convention (con):


  1. See an awesome character
  2. Get excited to cosplay them


3. Repeat first to steps until you have enough research, time, money and/or supplies to begin making/buying the cosplay

4. Start cosplay

5. Get distracted by steps 1 and 2 again.


6. Start a different cosplay.

7. Repeat steps 1 to 3

8. Finish half the cosplay

9. Browse eBay for relevant wigs


10. Get distracted by irrelevant wigs.

11. Repeat steps 5 and 6

12. Finally purchase a wig.

13. Have panic attacks and nightmares about it not arriving on time

14. Find a plan B and C character by repeating all the previous steps

15. Wig arrives. Hopefully it’s perfect.


16. Panic because it’s not perfect.

17. Style it and cut it or repeat steps 12 to 17

18. Do a cosplay test.


19. Feel awesome until you realise something’s not quite right….


20. Realise you still need makeup and matching shoes to wear to the con

21. Panic while going through checking you have the right makeup and/or shoes.

22. Realise you need at least one more thing and to finish the rest of the costume

23. Shop with desperation as the con approaches….


24. Makeup test.

25. Try not to cry because it’s either a) perfect and you don’t want to ruin it or b) doing makeup is super hard and it’s not perfect

26. Repeat step 2 until con date


27. Double check everything because the con is tomorrow.

28. Try to sleep even if you can’t.

29. Finally time to cosplay!

30. Don’t leave any part of your costume at home…or on the train, or bus or in the toilet…

31. Arrive at the con safely and have fun!


Then it’s time to repeat until the next convention!

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