2018 Conventions in Review

Actually I only went to one convention, which was Anime Festival so this is really:

A Review of Madman Anime Festival Melbourne

Featuring My New Braces


Note: This was the first convention I went to after getting braces.

I realise I only went to one convention/cosplay event this year (so far ;), but it was honestly the best. It was even the best Anime Festival experience I’ve had so far. This was due to the fact that Madman try to improve things each year and to the amount of fun I had with my friends new and old.

This is one of my favourite cosplay photos from Anime Festival Melbourne 2018

Not only was this my first event since getting my braces, but this was my first time cosplaying Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. While the whole braces thing was difficult, cosplaying Sophie was so much fun. Lots of people recognised my cosplay especially other Studio Ghibli cosplayers.

It was also a really cold morning.

I think the things I enjoyed most was the maid cafe and the Madman National Cosplay Championship.

Mario and Peach at the Madman National Cosplay Championships

I’ll do a more detailed review of both the maid cafe and cosplay competition, but let’s just say both were awesome.

Beware talking Pikachus….;) I wonder if you can guess who’s in the background?

One of my favourite parts of Anime festival was being able to introduce one of my friends to the world of cosplay and conventions. After Anime Festival she is honestly hooked and looking forward to going to other events in 2019. It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I can share an interest with my friends which is considered weird by other people. It’s even better when I can cosplay with my friends and/or make new friends through cosplay.

Such a friendly cosplayer…not such a friendly character 😉

Spread the love of cosplay and look forward to hearing more about Anime festival!

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