Meeting Your Hero/s

This is the photo I had taken with Matt Smith…I looked really red in the face so I think I’ll just hide that fact

There’s so many of my heroes I wish I could meet. Some of my heroes I will never get to meet while I’m alive like Stan Lee for example. I have however been lucky enough to meet some of my real life heroes. I haven’t met many of my heroes, but those I have met have been really amazing and memorable experiences.

Matt Smith

The only actor from Doctor Who I’ve ever met is Matt Smith. I met him and had a photo with him at Whoniverse in Melbourne. Karen Gillan (who recently celebrated her 31st birthday) and Alex Kingston also attended the event. I wish I had enough money to get photos with all of them…

What made the experience so special about this experience is how cheeky and mischievous Matt Smith is. To me he seemed just like the 11th Doctor. I waited in line like everyone else for my photo with Matt, but the person before me blinked (ironically) for their photo. The photographer then had to go find the said person…in the meantime Matt being Matt Smith decided to “borrow” the photographer’s camera to take cute selfies and photos of him and Karen. Without this fun little moment before my photo I don’t think it would have been as fun.

A. K. Wirru

When I first started going to conventions Wirru was one of the first Madman National Cosplay Cosplay champions I saw. I particularly remember him in his Final Fantasy Cloud cosplay doing a cosplay workshop at Supanova. He has been one of my cosplay idols ever since.

Years later at my first Anime Festival in 2016 I got to meet him and talk to him in person along with Siera. Every Anime Festival since I’ve made sure to go see him and tell him how awesome he is.


Similar to Wirru I remember seeing Siera in some of the early conventions I went to. I actually literally remember walking behind her during the convention while she was in her Pit cosplay from Kid Icarus.

It was really surreal therefore when I got to meet both Wirru and Siera at my first Madman Anime festival in 2016. I wore the first ever cosplay I had made myself and they were really pleased and encouraging. Looking at their messages keeps me motivated especially when I’m feeling down.

Me and my first ever autographs!
My Konata Izumi cosplay from Lucky Star

Rosie Roulette

Sometimes it’s only after you meet someone that they become your hero. Before my university assignment covering the Harajuku Fashion Walk Melbourne I had never heard of Rosie Roulette. I am now really glad to have met her as she is an absolutely wonderful human being with bucket loads of talent. Even when I was researching her for my assignment it was clear I was going to interview a star. One of the many things I saw when researching her was her amazing New Zealand’s Got Talent audition.

Not only can she sing, but she is also an incredibly talented cosplayer.

She also combines her talents in her nerdy burlesque style shows called Nerdlesque.

Her most recent one is actually on tonight and is called ‘A Very Nerdy Christmas’.

Her other most most recent development is her new music video for her song ‘Poison’.

So have any of you ever met your heroes in real life? What was it like? I would love to know 🙂

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