My Top 10 (Fictional) Male Heroes

So I’ve written about my female heroes, so now it’s time for my current favourite male heroes.

1. Newt Scamander


Maybe it’s because of the new Fantastic Beasts movie, but how can you not love Newt?

2. Spider-man

You probably already know how much I love Spider-man and Tom Holland’s rendition is my new favourite film version.

3. The Doctor (mostly male)

How can I not include the Doctor in this list?


4. Doctor Strange

Similar to Iron-man Doctor Strange starts off as a real jerk, but through his suffering he becomes a new and better person.

5. Aragorn

Aragorn is one of those reluctant heroes who would rather be in the background supporting the “real” hero.

6. Samwise Gamgee

Who wouldn’t want Sam as a best friend?


7. Naruto

Like with Sakura, I was never the biggest fan of Naruto as a character until his character developed more…

8. Bilbo Baggins

It seems I really like reluctant heroes. I mean I can imagine being Bilbo and camping in a cave wishing I had a proper toilet and bed.

9. Syaoran Li (Tsubasa)

Syaoran is the boy that Sakura in this video clip sings about.

Syaoron from CLAMP’s Tsubasa chronicles is one of the most heroic and sweetest and complicated male characters I know. I would tell you more but spoilers…

10. Thor

Honestly I didn’t like Thor until Thor Ragnarok, he was always Loki’s brother to me…..

You probably realise now how much I love Loki, but where would Loki be without Thor? Before Thor Ragnarok I appreciated Thor, but I never really liked him…

I laughed so hard watching this!

So who is your favourite male heroe/s?



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