My Top 10 Male Villains

Well I’m sure by now if you’ve read some of my other posts you can probably guess who’s in my top ten. I wonder if any of my top ten will be a surprise…

1. Loki

I’m sure you all knew Loki was going to be number one.

I could go on forever about how awesome Loki is, but at his core although he’s here as a villain he can be a hero (when it suits him). Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is actually a major reason I started reading Marvel comics.

2. The Master

Yes another insane villain and very similar in a lot of ways to Loki. The Doctor and the Master have a very similar relationship to Loki and Thor. You may have also noticed that Missy made it into my Top 10 Female Villains list.

3. Darth Vader

How could I not include this classic villain? I mean where would pop culture today be without him?

4. Mr. Teatime

Yes another psychopath, but this one isn’t as well known.

5. Voldemort

Probably one of the most famous movie/book villains and for good reason. I like villains who could have been heroes if only they reacted or made better choices in the face of bad circumstances.

6. Count Olaf

My first introduction to Count Olaf was this movie along with the accompanying books

I still remember being in year four in primary school listening to my teacher read the first three Series of Unfortunate Events books to us. While he did that we had to draw what was happening.

7. Morgoth

Basically the most powerful villain of Middle Earth

If you thought Sauron was powerful just wait until you read about Morgoth…

8. Amon Avatar

How scary is a villain that people voluntarily follow?

The the about Amon is that he presents a fair point in the Avatar series, but goes about it in a fairly immoral way. Not only can he physically manipulate people with his bending abilities, but people willingly follow him. Now that’s scary!

9. Smaug

Although Smaug is not the most powerful dragon in Middle Earth he might be the most charming and likeable especially when played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

10. The Ape in Narnia the Last Battle

Characters who manipulate the innocent are the worst

Despite being an ape this character is one of the most realistic villains of all. The way he manipulates an innocent donkey is horrible, but unfortunately something that does really happen.

Sorry not sorry

So who are some of your favourites and why? Were yours on my list?








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