Summer Cosplay

What time is it? Summer time! AKA Yukata time!

So here in Australia it is now officially summer now that it’s December. There aren’t as many cosplay events on this time of year, but you can always organise your own. You can also go to unofficial cosplay events in cosplay. For example if there are any Christmas parties, beach or pool parties often they encourage people to come in some sort of Christmas costume. Now as a cosplayer I could go all out or do a more casual cosplay. Some costumes suit really well to hot summer weather especially with going to the beach. It’s also possible to do a summer version of a character wearing what they might wear to the beach or pool.

One Piece cosplay at the beach anyone?

The Australian summer is also a good time to bring out cosplay based on Australian TV shows like H2O Just Add Water, Round the Twist or Ocean Girl just to name a few.

How many of you watched these shows growing up?

It’s also pretty easy this time of year to find swimmers and thongs to wear since the shops are full of them at the moment. While in other countries people might get a Christmas jumper here in Australia we might get Christmas pajamas, T-shirts and/or swimwear/beachwear.

I would love to be a mermaid this summer

One of the events I’m looking forward to this summer is Melbourne’s Japanese Summer Festival. Basically it’s a festival celebrating Japanese culture in a similar to a summer festival in Japan only a little bit more Australian. It’s a great fusion of these two amazing cultures. I mean in some ways Australia and Japan have a lot in common, so it’s a good time to share the commonalities between our cultures.

I’m looking forward to going next year!

It is also a great opportunity for some fun summer cosplay like wearing yukata or cosplay that involves shorts and T-shirt.

Pokemon cosplay anyone?

Anyway there’s heaps of summer cosplay ideas. I’ll make a list soon, but in the meantime what are some of your favourite summer cosplay ideas? I would love to hear some and/or see some pictures!


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