My Top 10 Marvel Lokis

Oh the many Lokis of Marvel:

List includes MCU, comics and more.

1. MCU as Played by Tom Hiddleston

MCU Loki is basically why I got into Marvel comics.

2.Kid Loki by Kieron Gillen

He just wants to do the right thing and be loved.

I couldn’t find a good YouTube video explained exactly who he is since it’s really complicated, but if you read this it should help

3. Lady Loki

Prove that Loki is hot and devious not matter what gender.

Lady Loki is awesome especially for female cosplayers like me.

4. Original Loki

Basically the Loki we see in the early Thor and Avengers comics. I love how one time when he actually beats Thor he just has fun and turns cars into ice-cream. You know just for fun…

5. Teen Loki aka Loki from Agent of Asgard

Loves the musical Wicked, gets mistaken for One Direction and wields the Gram the Sword of Truth.

6. King Loki basically old man Loki from Agent of Asgard

The Loki from a future where Loki wins. This Loki is trying to make this younger Loki follow the path to become King Loki. Confused yet?

King Loki is similar to Loki in the early comics, but maybe more evil because he’s manipulating his younger self to become evil basically.

7. Frost Giant Loki

Both in the comics and the MCU Frost Giant Loki is adorable at least in my opinion. It is also a part of him that is so important to the character.

Did I mention that blue and green are my favourite colours?

8. Axis Loki

During the Axis story arc in the Marvel comics basically the heroes become villains and the villains become heroes. Loki basically gains Thors powers and looks absolutely awesome.

9. Unicorn Loki

During the Axis arc Loki became a unicorn because why not…?

10. Ikol aka Magpie Loki by Kieron Gillen

So that’s why magpies are evil and constantly get up to mischief…it’s because they’re Loki in disguise…

This article by Screen Rant goes through and explains some of the more unusual forms Loki takes including a unicorn and a magpie.

There are also more Lokis, but these are my favourites. Which are your favourites?

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