2019 Cosplay and Life Goals

I’m not going to say “New Year new me”, I will however say “New Year new cosplays”. Last year I didn’t do as much cosplay as I would have liked to. This year I not only want to do more cosplay, but get better at the various aspects of it. I would also love to grow and be a better person overall.

Cosplay more characters

I have several (I mean hundreds of) characters I want to cosplay and several (or more) costumes I’ve started, but haven’t finished. I want to have some finished cosplays by the end of the year with good quality photos to show them off.

Loki is one of the many cosplays I want to finish, improve and do more of this year

Make and be in more cosplay videos and photos

I love both taking cosplay photos and videos as well as being in them, however I really would like to improve my skills.

I’m still incredibly proud of the videos featured on the YouTube channel I co-own: Cosplay Kingdom. Below is a video that I actually submitted for one of my university assignments. I would love to create more videos for Cosplay Kingdom and upload more pictures to Valley Lizard on Facebook.

Go in a cosplay parade or competition or both

It’s something I’ve always dreamed of ever since I went to my first convention. I’ve done it maybe once or twice at smaller conventions (many years ago), but I want to give one of the bigger ones (like Supanova, Anime Festival or Oz Comic Con) a try.

The first time I was one stage in cosplay was actually for Sailor Neptune

Get better at makeup

I hate makeup, but I love how it can almost magically transform your face to look like someone else. I would even love to cosplay characters I’ve done before only do a better job with my makeup. Looking back I know I’ve improved, but I still want to get better.

This was my first ever attempt at doing eyebrow makeup.

Get better at wig styling

I love wigs, but I also like being as accurate as I can to the character. This often means doing more than just buying a wig and putting it on (which is what I previously did). I want to improve my ability to cut, style and even wear wigs.

Yeah I still need to finish working on my Sakura wig…

Do more interviews

Although in the past I’ve only done interviews for my journalism assignments I would like to do some purely to feature on my blog and/or YouTube. Below are some of the amazing people I have had the chance to interview. Thank you so much to all of you!

Go to more events

Whether that be the Harajuku Fashion Walk, conventions and/or other events. I want to get more involved, blog more and share how wonderful these events are with the rest of the world. Below is a snapshot of some of the events I’ve been to over the past couple of years.

Keep Valley Lizard updated regularly

Lately I’ve been posting on Valley Lizard Cosplay on Facebook fairly regularly and I want to keep that up, but also make sure I post more regularly here, on Twitter and YouTube. Some blog posts to look forward to are my review of Pokemon the Power of Us and my blog post about the impact of Stan Lee

Be Positive

I guess you could say this is a good goal to have every year and I think it is. Even if I don’t achieve all of these goals I don’t want to be too disappointed. I know from experience that things crop up and I can’t do everything I want to. For example last year I only went to one convention which was Madman Anime Festival. I still still had a great time at Anime Festival and I look forward to going again this year. I had such a good time it made up for the fact that I missed out on a lot of the other conventions.

Animals help me feel positive and stay happy


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