Walt Disney vs. Stan Lee

Many people seem to compare Walt Disney and Stan Lee. I’m trying to figure out what is different or unique about Stan Lee’s impact for my own blog post.

My Three-Act Structure Called "Life"

walt-disney-stan-leeI read this article from Big Issue the other day featuring Mark Millar, the creator of Kick-Ass. It was about comparing Walt Disney and Stan Lee. It compared the differences each pioneer made to their respected franchises. In fact, they were more than pioneers. They were (and Stan Lee still is as of the posting date of this post) each an avant-garde to the worlds of animation, publishing, and more. I didn’t really agree with what the article said at all, but it got me thinking about the idea of Walt vs. Stan.

Who’s had (and still has) the bigger impact on society and why? Positively and negatively? Disney (the man) passed away in 1966 but the effects of his empire are still seen and felt pretty much every day of our lives and we will likely continue to be witness to them for the rest of time. Often times without realizing it. Do you watch ESPN or…

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