So I guess like many people I’ve had a busy year full of ups and downs. I’m hoping over the Christmas/summer break I might be able to do some more blogging. As of yet that hasn’t worked out. There’s so many different things I’d like to blog about including reviews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Frozen 2, Deakin Catalyst 2019 and also some other more fun smaller posts. I haven’t even posted on here about this year’s Japanese Summer Festival and the Love Live! cosplay meet I organised – and it’s almost time for the next Japanese Summer Festival. Wow how time flies!

I love how they renovated the Princess theatre! Photo credit Valley Lizard 2019

Another reason I’ve been busy is my journalism studies. In fact I’m already preparing for next year’s units, one of which is about media law and ethics. I’m currently reading the textbook and it’s very interesting to learn how the law works (and sometimes doesn’t work) with the invention of the internet and social media.

Anyway hopefully I’ll have some more updates for you all soon. If I don’t I’m probably preparing for Christmas or my studies for next year.

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