I Hate Summer

So soon I’ll be writing a review of Frozen 2 which will include a mini review of the first Frozen movie. The one song that I didn’t like from Frozen 1 is Olaf’s summer song because I hate summer. I thought I’d better explain why, since many people seem to really love summer.

First of all a bit of context: I live in Australia. This means it’s summer right now (despite the fact that it’s raining today). As far as I understand Australian summers are a bit different to summer in other countries. For one we do have some awesome things happen in summer like Christmas, the Japanese summer festival and fun times at the beach. Despite all this summer is the time of year you’re most likely to die (or at least feel like you’re dying) in Australia. Here are just some of the ways people die in summer:

Now I realise some of these incidents can happen at any time of the year, but they’re more likely to happen in summer. Take alcohol related deaths for example. When are some of occasions that Aussies love to drink in summer? Well there’s Christmas, New Years, Australia Day, various end of year functions, hot days, at the beach etc. Now I’m not saying people shouldn’t drink during those times, but there’s no denying that excessive alcohol intake leads to accidents, so even if you haven’t had a drop and doesn’t mean the guy driving behind you hasn’t.

Anyway enough about alcohol. The biggest death related reason I hate about summer is bushfires. It’s a fact of life here that every summer somewhere in the country will be under threat of or on fire. So far it’s been New South Whales and Queensland who have been hit the hardest this summer. Last summer my family and I had to evacuate due to a fire threat. We evacuated to a hotel and were seriously questioning at times whether we’d have anything to come back to. It’s amazing how unimportant things become when your life’s at risk. If our house burnt down in that fire all my books, cosplay costumes, drawings, DVDs, games, soft toys and much more would all be gone. The main things I remember taking is my computer, my library books, my 3DS, phone and some clothes. Other people, including some of my friends, have also had bushfire experiences, but only come out of it with the clothes on their backs.

Apart from all the things which can kill you I also personally don’t like hot weather. I always say on a cold day you can always layer up, but on a hot day there’s only so many layers you can take off before common decency becomes an issue. Along with that I also prefer winter to summer fashion. Below is a recent example of just how hot Australia can get.

I do understand why some people love summer since there are some great things about summer, even and especially an Australian one. I love going to the beach, especially if the water’s warm enough to swim in or if the weather’s hot enough to appreciate a cold ocean. Apparently Australia has some of the best beaches. I haven’t visited any other beaches other than Aussie ones, so I can’t really compare. I’ve seen pictures of beaches overseas where they have pebbles instead of sand, which seems like such a strange concept to me.

I also love ice-cream, especially since getting braces. While you can have ice-cream at anytime of the year there’s something just so satisfying about ice-cream on a hot day or ice-cream at the beach. Honestly anything cold on a hot summer’s day is just bliss. So in that sense Olaf is kind of right when he sings “the hot and the cold are both so intense,
put ’em together it just makes sense!”

You can probably understand now why I don’t like or relate to Olaf’s song in the first Frozen movie. I did however quite enjoy his song in Frozen 2, but that’s for another blog post.

Do you like summer? Can you relate to Olaf’s summer song? Have you had any dangerous experiences in summer?

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