“I hate Olaf…”

Movie review of Frozen 2

Well yes I do dislike the one from A Series of Unfortunate Events it’s the one from Frozen I really don’t like. What’s interesting though is I liked Olaf in Frozen 2.

Let me explain. If you read my last post, you’ll already know I hate summer and particularly Olaf’s song about summer. The other reason I don’t like him is how much of a one dimensional character he is, but that and many other things change in Frozen 2.

If you haven’t already guessed I enjoyed Frozen 2 much more than the first one. I’ll try and explain why without giving too much away. For one thing I liked every single song and I feel like each song had its own purpose. I can’t wait to get the soundtrack to listen to them all again.

Another area they improved on was the animation. One thing you need to know about me is that I love good quality animation. Frozen 2 had a lot of difficult animation sequences, particularly involving water (which is one of the trickiest things to animate). Just look at the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

Better animation means better more detailed costumes. More detailed and gorgeous costumes is both exciting and stressful news for cosplayers (especially those who aim for accuracy). Even if you’re not a cosplayer if you have any appreciation for clothes whatever you’ll probably love the various outfits on Frozen 2.

Other than the more superficial things I also really appreciated the character development and storyline. The movie focuses on Elsa and Anna’s relationships as try and discover what is putting arendele in danger and why. Of course all the old favourites from the previous movie are appear, even in a minute fashion, but ultimately the sisters get the most screen time. For me this is awesome since Elsa in particular was my favourite character in the first film, however if you’re big fans of any characters other than Elsa and Anna then you may be disappointed. I believe the creators did this because ultimately it’s a movie aimed at girls, so male characters get a backseat in this movie. I noticed in both movies it’s the female characters which are portrayed in a more positive light. I don’t mean all the male characters are bad or negative role models, in fact quite the opposite.

Kristof is a really positive role model, especially in the second movie. He even has an absolutely fantastic, full length song in Frozen 2. What he doesn’t have is a lot of time with Anna, which is sad. He almost becomes, like Olaf, a character simply for comic relief. I still like him, but really his main purpose in both movies is to be Anna’s ideal love interest. This means his character isn’t quite as fleshed out as the girls, therefore we don’t see many of his flaws.

While the minor characters aren’t given much thought the way they’ve thought about and developed Elsa and Anna is quite impressive. They each go through mental and physical trials throughout the movie, while are portrayed in a very believable fashion. Many of their struggles I can personally relate to and what’s fantastic is the movie gives the audience good advice to get through such struggles. I wish I had seen this movie earlier in my life so I could remember to just do “the next right thing”. I won’t say anything more about this aspect of the movie because you should just watch and see what I mean. By the way don’t watch the below video unless you’ve already seen the movie.

As far as the actual storyline goes it was set up and played out fairly well. I just think some of the ideas seem either cliche or copied from other shows. You’ll see what I mean.

What I thought was particularly clever about the movie though is how well they targeted their audience. Disney knew that because fans of Frozen are a little bit older, especially those who saw it at the cinemas, so there’s lots of references and songs about getting older and things changing. What was also done well about this sequel is how you don’t need to see or remember the first film in order to enjoy the second. I always think great sequels, be it books or movies, remind you of what’s happened previously in subtle, clever ways that don’t hold up the story. The Harry Potter books do this really well and so does Frozen 2.

I loved getting this souvenir reusable cup from Village Cinemas

This brings me back to Olaf, who for all I care could just die or melt or whatever. Sounds harsh, but he’s the comic relief fallback character. He’s the character the writers turn to when they need something done or said and they don’t want any of the other characters to do it. He’s full of clever one liners, which can be funny. He is a little more interesting and relatable in Frozen 2, but not enough for me to actually like him. This is purely my opinion even though it may seem controversial. I’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts about either Frozen movie and which you liked best.

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