Fashion Goals for 2020’s

So last couple of years I started wearing lolita fashion in public. It was awesome and scary as I’m not all that confident. I’m slowly building confidence and part of that is experimenting with fashion and working out what I like and what I feel comfortable in. For a long time I wanted to develop my own “style”, however it’s not that easy. I am developing my own style, but often what I wear depends largely on my mood and the weather. Anyway I’m getting a bit off track here as this is meant to be a list of fashion goals.

Make and wear my own clothes


So far I’ve pretty much only sewn for cosplay, which is awesome. I would like to use those skills to make and design my own clothes I can wear everyday. I have all the tools and materials I need I just need time to carry out my plans.

Go to the Melbourne Harajuku Fashion Walk in Harajuku fashion

Yes I have been to the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Melbourne before, however I’ve only ever had the chance to go as part of an assignment to take photos and do interviews. For once I would like to go just for fun. A few things need to line up for that to happen though. The timing needs to work out with respect to weather, train travel, my studies and other commitments. I also need to be confident enough with whatever outfit I wear so I don’t look ugly compared to everyone else. I know it sounds silly, but every time I go everyone just looks so kawaii (cute), beautiful and amazing. I’m not sure I could be as good as everyone else, however I would like to try.

Get better at doing my own makeup

I also said this in my post about cosplay goals for 2019, however I’m starting to wear small amounts of makeup out of cosplay. Even if it’s simple stuff like choosing the right colour lipstick and applying it correctly.

Usually I’m the “no makeup, no problem” kind of girl. Photo copyright Valley Lizard 2018

Just in general be happy with what I wear

It shouldn’t matter if I’m wearing lolita fashion, jeans and a T-shirt or a super casual top and trackies; I want to feel comfortable and happy in whatever I wear. So basically I want to be happy and confident in my clothes whenever, where ever and with whom ever.

Spend wisely

I’d love to get some more lolita fashion or even just some nice plain coloured skirts, however I am on a tight budget and saving for a few things. I’m saving for more camera and audio equipment for my journalism studies.

Cute selfies are the only kind of fashion photo shoots I seem to get of myself. Photo copyright Valley Lizard 2018

Fashion shoot/s

I’ve taken photos at the Harajuku Fashion Walk, but I would like to do and be in a proper photo shoot. It could even be done at a really nice location. I live near beautiful national parks and some cute urban places that would make for great photo shoot locations. I don’t live too far from Walhalla which is a kept mostly in its historical 1800’s state. This would make for some amazing lolita, steampunk and/or Victorian style fashion shoots.

I think that’s pretty much it. Feel free to let me know if you have any tips or what your fashion goals are.

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