How to Survive the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival

I’ve been to the Japanese Summer Festival quite a few times now, so here are just a few tips to help you survive and enjoy it. Most of these relate to surviving Australia’s hottest month: February. Check out this other post as to why I both hate and like summer.


  • Drink plenty of water and/or other cold fluids
  • Dress appropriately even in cosplay see this previous post for details
  • Eat plenty of food, especially cold food.
  • Leave early if you need to.
  • Seek shade
  • Don’t carry too much
  • Go with a friend/s, so you can look after each other and have more fun.


  • Sit or lay down if you need to have a break
  • If you feel seriously ill call 000 (the 911 equivalent in Australia)
  • Bring food and drink just in case you don’t like or are allergic to the food they have there.
  • Take a camera since you’ll be too hot and bothered to see or remember everything


  • Be sun smart. Wear hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, use a parasol etc. whatever keeps you cool and free from sun burn.


  • Avoid lots of activity during the heat of the day (usually about 1-3pm Melbourne time)
  • If you don’t feel good at least tell someone, especially if you’re due on stage.
  • Wear deodorant and/ bring some to put on extra
  • Don’t touch people if they don’t want you to, especially if you or them are hot and sweaty.
  • Look where you’re going so you don’t trip on your kimono/cosplay and/or someone else’s kimono/cosplay
  • Be aware not everyone speaks perfect English, so be patient and don’t make fun of people
  • Share your photos even if they’re not that good. People like to see photos, plus if you get lost you can retrace your steps via your photos
  • Make sure you have all the appropriate apps downloaded any maps and transport related apps so you can get home safely.
  • Bring a phone and have it turned on with it somewhere easily accessible.
  • Remember to still have fun. Enjoy the performances, buy yummy food and stuff you can’t get anywhere else.


  • Remember these tips and more for next time!

Bonus tip!

Check out some of my reviews of previous years:

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