How to Physically Survive (most) Cons

Conventions are always physically and emotionally demanding especially if you have any form of health condition or disability. Personally I have found dealing with cons hard I often get what I like to call Post Con Fatigue. Basically it’s the day after tiredness which makes you question your life decisions. Anyway whether you’re physically fit or not pleas follow these tips!

Eat Like a Hobbit!

Hobbits are well known for having multiple meals during the day including the meme famous second breakfast. At a con you don’t have time for the three regular big meals, so as an alternative I suggest eating throughout the day. Make sure during the day you bring and buy snack foods you can eat on the go.

Get and stay hydrated!

Similar to above as well as food you need water or some form of liquid. Avoid alcohol as many conventions and places don’t allow it especially if it is family friendly. Instead I suggest water, milk, tea, juice and/or a combination of these things. I strongly suggest bringing a water bottle or some other refillable bottle.

Take a break

If you’re tired take a break. Sit down, lay down, go home whatever is physically best for you and physically possible in what you’re wearing.

Say no!

If you’ve had enough, say no. No more walking, no more photos, no more shopping etc.

Pain killers

Especially if you have prescription medication make sure you take it. If you think you have a headache don’t hesitate to take pain killers, the pain will only get worse.

Bring a friend or family member

Having a friend or family member you trust means you got each other’s backs if something goes wrong. This is particularly important at big conventions.

Smart Phone

Having a smart phone is essential for all the emergency apps and contact details, even social media can save your life. If you are in trouble don’t hesitate to reach out to the appropriate people.

Also you never know what photos you might want to take! Photo copyright Valley Lizard 2018

Featured image copyright Valley Lizard 2018

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