So once upon a time to participate in any kind of sport you needed to be really fit and actually go outside. These days with gaming technology we can play sports with other people without even leaving the house. Personally I use my Just Dance gamesto keep myself fit especially if the weather is too rough or too smoky for bush walking.

People get just as serious when it comes to eSports the same as any sport. Competing in eSports has only increased in popularity with time and further gaming development; as well as awareness.

While some video games are based on actual sports like soccer or dancing some eSports have no exact physical sporting equivalent. For example the popular Fortnite game is one of the many games eSport players compete in however I don’t know of a physical sporting equivalent. If you can think of a physical sporting equivalent for Fortnite let me know in the comments. I personally haven’t played Fortnite, so I am in no way a Fortnite expert.

For many years there have been Pokemon gaming tournaments both in person and online. Recent years with the release of Pokemon Go people are almost constantly competing with each other. Pokemon Go has a few similarities with a few real life physical sports, however one unique part of Pokemon Go is there are competitions and rivalries constantly going on. I’m not sure there is a physical sport that literally never ends. Pokemon Go is also one of those video games that also requires you to physically move in order to play or at least play better.

Below is one of Kamui Cosplay’s videos on cosplay. She actually uses Pokemon Go to help her keep in shape.

I think it would be fascinating to go back twenty years and tell a famous sports person about eSports. What do you think a sportsman or woman for from twenty or even one hundred years ago would say if you told them about eSports?

Photo credit: Valley Lizard 2019 using the Pokemon Go app snapshot function

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  1. Fortnight, being part of the game genre, known as Battle Royale (along with other games like Apex Legends and Overwatch) possibly originated from competitive activities, like fifa from soccer or Super Smash Bros from Boxing/ wrestling. Slightly more obscure you have Competitive Paintball, Lazer Tag Scrims, and more recently, Official competitive Nerf battles.

    When I think back to the 2000’s the esports players from back then would be quite excited to see where the sport has headed. I have fond memories of playing Karate Champ with my friend at the local arcade. we were VERY competitive…


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