Legal Lying?

written by Loki (probably) or am I lying?

I mean is cosplay just legal lying?

Lying is surprisingly hard to define in the media because it can also be labeled as: misinformation, translation error, rumor, gossip, speculation etc. Which is why I think Loki would enjoy working in the media industry because, from what I currently understand, lying is legal as long as you technically call it something else. For example many the current bushfires were caused by lightening strikes. This is true, but you can frame this information multiple ways, such as:

  • climate change does NOT cause bushfires instead lightening does
  • houses now need lightening protection not fire proctection
  • increased thunderstorms due to climate change causes bushfires

Now none of these above statements are technically lying, it just depends on how you use (or abuse) the evidence. See Media Watch for more examples.

Now there are some things which are hard to provide evidence for, these things often involve feelings. For example if I post the below photo other people could use it to claim:

  • I love Love Live
  • I love cosplay
  • I have black hair
  • I am white


Some of those dot points are true some are not. Other people could claim the above photo is photographic evidence for those things, however without talking to me they wouldn’t really know – even then what if I lied?

Usually I’m the “no makeup, no problem” kind of girl, but is this a lie? Photo copyright Valley Lizard 2018

They could reference other photos in order to prove I do have black hair. I could then reference other photos to prove I don’t.


See how something seemingly as simply as hair colour can get complicated? I haven’t even touched on transgender issues which is another area where “lying” gets complicated because the media can use all sorts of “evidence” which may or may not be relevant.

I hope I’ve explained things correctly. If not I will continue to read my textbooks to find out more.

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