Fairy Tail Fandom

Aye sir! This is an introduction to the Fairy Tail fandom by Valley Lizard

Unlike Fairy Tales the Fairy Tail anime/manga indeed is true to its name and features fairies and tails. For those of you who have never really gotten into anime this is a good one to start with especially since you can binge watch/read the entire series since unlike some anime/manga, *cough* One Piece, it has actually finished. I still haven’t read or watched everything yet, but I know enough to say it is awesome and gets me all fired up!

Here’s my five word summary:

I’m all fired up! Boobs!

It’s like Harry Potter except more blood, boobs and blunders – plus a gorgeous design to well…everything.

My top five favourite characters:

  1. Erza
  2. Juvia
  3. Levy
  4. Lucy
  5. Natsu

My top five characters I want to cosplay:

  1. Erza
  2. Juvia
  3. Lucy
  4. Levy
  5. Wendy

Best story arcs (so far):

  1. Grand magic games
  2. Edolas
  3. Tower of Heaven
  4. Oración Seis
  5. Tenrou Island
  6. Key of the Starry Sky
  7. Eclipse Celestial Spirits

Most powerful and encouraging characters:

  1. Erza
  2. Natsu
  3. Lucy
  4. Grey
  5. Levy
  6. Mirajane
  7. Juvia

Best episodes to start with:

  1. The first one
  2. The first in an interesting arc
  3. The first time a character you like appears


  • Lots of fan service
  • Do NOT skip filler episodes they are hilarious
  • There is romance
  • Characters do get hurt and sort of die…
  • Blood
  • You will get emotionally attached to at least one character
  • If you enjoy this show/manga you may see your bank balance decrease…
  • Big fanbase
  • Sooo many ships…
  • Spoilers
  • In my opinion both the Japanese and English dubs are good
  • In my opinion both the anime and the manga are worth seeing
  • Once you start you can’t stop…trust me…
  • Wow takes on a whole new meaning…
  • Aye sir is now no longer for pirates…
  • This list is long because when you watch/read Fairy Tail you can’t stop talking about it…

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