The Attractiveness of Anachronism & Anarchy

A Loki Case Study by Valley Lizard.

Unless otherwise credited the photos are my own.

I’m a big Loki fan, but I wonder why others like (and even love) him? I know why I do. I recently learnt the word: anachronism – which describes Loki perfectly and is why I may have fallen for him. For context watch the bellow clip and look at the reactions of the crowd.

At the end Loki claims he has an army and indeed he does. He has an army of loyal followers from around the world who, like me, cosplay him. Here’s another video of what happens when Tom Hiddlesston surprises his fans.

Loki fans also travel far and wide to show Loki love.

Below is one of the official videos of the same event.

So if you didn’t know before, you surely know now just how big and dedicated Loki’s fan base is. The question remains why? The below video, although a little outdated now, gives a good explanation.

That video covers the Marvel movies, but Loki was popular before that. Even before the comics were created, he appeared in tales from a time shrouded in myth. Back then he was no “puny god”, “brother of Thor” he was Odin’s brother and both father and mother to a myriad of creatures. While some Loki fans only like him in the movies his most dedicated followers admire his origins in not only the comics.

So as you can see things get very complicated very quickly when you compare all the various Lokis. Some other Loki mythology facts are:

  • Loki traditionally has long red hair (now you know where some of those myths about redheads being witches comes from)
  • Loki can transform into whatever gender, race or species he likes or needs to. This is how he was able to give birth to horses among other things…
  • Hela is not only Loki’s daughter, but also Goddess of Death. This means she has power over death, unlike the under powered MCU Hela.
  • Loki is primarily the God of Mischief, this often makes him wiser than the other gods because they are more physically strong than mentally strong.

There’s many more, but these are some of the most interesting ones I’ve learnt over the years.

No matter which version of Loki you look at he still seems pretty insane. I mean even in my own opinion I would NOT want to marry him. Think instead of what makes people in general attractive, especially since Loki is gender fluid. After watching the below video about flirting, watch a Marvel movie with Loki in it and see if anyone HOT-APE’s him or if he HOT-APE’s anyone else. I’ll be doing the same thing as I re-watch the Marvel movies on my family’s new TV. Yesterday I got partway through Thor Ragnarock, so I’m interested to look to see if there’s any HOT-APE-ing between Loki and the Grandmaster…

Let me know what you guys notice in the comments.

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