Harley Meet Loki FanFic Part 2

“Weeeeeeeeeeeee!” Harley screams as she and Loki travel across space and dimensions. They finally arrive in a-

“Wow! What kind of fun rainbow land is this?”


“Who’s ass?”

“This was my home…”

“Did you live in a fairy tale castle in heaven?…because that’s what this looks like! Oh what fun!”

“I lived in a palace fit for a king.”

“Were you the king.”

“I will be.”

“Does that I mean we get to kill people?”

“If you want…”

“Oh boy, you sure do know how to have fun!”

“Primarily though we are here to steal the king’s treasures.”

“Treasure? Now you’re speaking my language! Any sweet jewellery?”

“Lots. You can have anything I don’t want.”


“The only other rule is you have to be quiet. Once we have what we need you can be as exuberant as you like.”

“I’ll be as quiet as a mouse…Ha ha ha heh aha HA HA HA HAH AH HA!!!”

“What did I just say?!”


“That’s it someone obviously heard that. You need a disguise.”

And then the magical god gave Queen Harley the most beautiful goddesses dress in all her favourite colours with matching jewellery and hairstyle.

“Oh boy! I look like a goddess now! I shall be the Goddess of Fun…or love…or laughter.”

“Whatever…just be silent.” Loki tells Harley as he disguises himself as a beautiful woman in a green outfit matching Harley’s.

“Wow…you’re hot…I mean either way you’re hot.”

“Who are you?” asks an approaching guard.

“We’re here for your entertainment.” Loki replies to Harley’s joyous surprise.

I like this guy.

He’s a girl now though.

Whatever he’s got magic.

“I think you must be lost. The king’s chambers are downstairs to the left, but how about you wait in the chamber downstairs to the right? That way I can get to know you before I announce you.”

“Whatever you wish.” replies Lady Loki.

“Is this going according to plan?” whispers Harley to Loki as they proceed towards the chamber.

“There never was a plan.”


“Once we’re in the chamber one of us or both stab him…have this knife somewhere hidden and easily accessible…”

“Pretty knife,” Harley exclaims as she finds a comfortable spot for it in her cleavage.

“By the way the blade is laced with poison.”

“What?!” retorted Harley. “You couldn’t have mentioned that before I touched it.”

“Don’t worry it’s a slow death.”

“A slow death?! Like that’s a good thing?!” said Harley in a invective tone.

“If you prove useful it will give me enough time to make the antidote.”

“Fine! I’ll prove it!” Harley says as she stalks up to the guard and passionately kisses him while stabbing him in the throat. He slowly crumples to the floor as Harley turns to Loki, mouth full of blood and asks:

“See I am useful.”

“You also disobeyed me. I said wait until we’re in the chamber. Look at you. Look at the floor. You’re so uncivilized,” Loki says with with a smile in his eyes.

“Since when was there a nice, civilised, clean way to kill someone?”

“Since the first person died at my hands. You’ve obviously had some bad influences.”

“You could say that…”



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