Harley Meet Loki Part 4

The treasure chamber fitted Loki’s description perfectly. It was more of a museum than a treasure trove, just how Harley liked it. It meant the things they needed to steal were easily accessible.

“So what’s the deal? Is there trip wires , hidden cameras or what?” she asked the snake in the box.

“Pathetic mortal. All anyone needs is knowledge of magic powerful enough to simply pick up any object and break the protective enchantments.”

“So what would happen if I touched – Aarrrrh!”

“That turns people to ice,” said Loki as he slithered out of the box and transformed back to his female self (just in case).




It was what felt like days later when Harley recovered. It was in fact one day later. She’d been bathed and dressed by Asgards physicians.

“Where the hell am I now? Is this heaven?”

“Oh she’s awake,” said a voice from somewhere.

“Who said that? Where’s my stuff?”

A tall thin woman, dressed in white appear before her carrying a tray of the most glorious food.

“Are you an angel?”

“No. Eat this while I go get you something to drink. Make sure you take it slowly. We found poison in your body and it may take months for you to fully recover.”

So it was true. He almost killed me.

“Excuse me ma’am have you heard of someone called Loki?”

“Who hasn’t? He’s the infamous Prince of Asgard. The latest rumor is he broke into the All Father’s own treasure chamber last night disguised as two beautiful women.”

“Do you know if there’s any truth to that rumor?”

“Well I bet you….that bottle of golden ale that  he’ll be caught and in prison by next week.”

“You’re kidding?”

“I’m serious. I’m sure you gamble on Midgard what do you think?”

“I bet he’ll be caught before next week.”


“And if I win I get to live here.”

“…Oh…Okay it’s a deal,” the healer agrees as they shake hands. Harley meanwhile smiles and whispers to herself:

“I’ll make sure I win.”

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