“H” is for the LOLs

HOT APE “H” is for Humour

Relationships are hard. During my research for my Loki and Harley Quinn case studies I understand how easy it is to get things wrong.

Loki and Harley are good at flirting and are attractive to others. Today I’m focusing on how humour is attractive.

Both of these characters will respond to and cope with pain by using rejoinders (witty remarks).

Both characters have a traumatic past, present and future.

Yet despite their past they manage to continue to live, love and laugh. It’s only in their most vulnerable times you see how hurt they are.

This is why I love Thor the Dark World. It is one of the few movies where most of the movie Loki is very vulnerable and we get to see his emotions in his face, actions and lack of self-care. When Harley Quinn is in prison it is similar to when Loki is in prison. Neither of them have access to their favourite hair products, clothes and weapons.

Even while in prison these characters still manage to have fun. That, according to research, is highly attractive.

Often what isn’t attractive is lying, so in order make lying attractive you need to use HOTAPE. If it appears you’re open and honest even if you’re being spurious it can be attractive. Half-truths are Loki’s specialty. If you notice often Loki lies with a smile on his face or at least in his eyes. He is the God of Mischief and mischief is just a fancy word for fun. Now Loki’s kind of “fun” may not always be legal or ethical (just like Harley’s kind of fun), but that adds to the whole “bad boy” appeal.

There are however different ways to use humor top appeal to people.

I honestly think I’m a mix of Chris Evans and Tom Holland in my interactions. What about you?

Harley and Loki also diffuse tense situations with humor. This means no matter how bad things get, they smile or make some sort of off hand remark. Upon my second viewing of movies is when I notice these things since during the first viewing I was simply fooled by their “confidence”. At the end of the last video the voice over asks us to keep in mind:

‘What will make this moment more fun?’

Loki and Harley Quinn embody the idea of fun to extremes, so please don’t go as far as them. Instead remember to try and make difficult situations fun. Personally I try and turn hard things into games. I even apply this to exercise as I explain here. I also combine my interests with my studies. This is why rather than analysing the media laws and ethics of sports stars I’m delving into coslay.

What are some of your tips to make uncomfortable things fun?

I’ll go even more in depth into these characters in my next post about HOT APE, focusing on the “O” for Open Body language.

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