“O” Means I’m Open

Open body language communication

Case study using Loki and Harley Quinn as the main examples

Research and words by Valley Lizard

Note to readers this is part 2 of this post about humour in communication.

After watching this fan film you’ll notice a lot of open body language. Interpret that how you will, but what it primarily means is these two are comfortable with each other.

Compare the Ivy/Harley ship (relationship) with Iron Man/Loki. Look at how open the body language is for both characters? What does it tell you?

Notice how Loki’s body language changes depending on who he’s with. He’s a lot more open with Thor and even more so when he’s alone.

This same idea goes for cosplayers too. Notice how Laura Gilbert’s body language changes depending on who she’s with and the more comfortable she becomes the more she literally opens up. Misinterpreting body language can lead to some difficult problems especially for Harley cosplayers.

Sheldon often misuses and misinterprets body language, so don’t follow his example.

Loki and Tom Hiddleston are masters of body language. Notice the interactions between Tom and the other actors in the video.

Next blog post in this series relates to touch, so feel free to re-watch anything with Harley or Loki in it and notice how they touch people.

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