Ocean Invaders Review

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarian, Australia

I haven’t been to the Melbourne Aquarian (now known as Sea Life Melbourne) recently, but after hearing about the Ocean Invaders exhibit I knew I had to go. I love sea creatures. I think it’s part of the reason I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid.

I wish I could attend an Aquamermaid school, however I don’t know of any in Victoria, Australia.

I would love a jellyfish inspired mermaid tail.

While I have always loved jellyfish, the “Princess Jellyfish” anime makes me adore them even more. Below is the trailer for the live action movie adaption.

I would also love to do a Princess Jellyfish inspired cosplay or lolita outfit.

Jellyfish are partly why I love pastel colours and lolita fashion.

It is not simply jellyfish which have beautiful pastel, ocean colours, but all kinds of sea creatures.

P1030225I took videos during my visit, my brother took photos so I’ll feature some of his work here too. He also went to some areas of the aquarium I didn’t get a chance to go to, since I was tired by the end of the day. The two creatures which were my highlights (and the ones I wanted to see the most) were penguins and jellyfish. While I had seen the penguins before, they’re always worth seeing again. The jellyfish on the other hand are completely new. Well, I have seen jellyfish before at other aquariums and at the beach – but never at Melbourne safely behind glass. You can find out what types of jellyfish the aquarium have here. I liked the ‘Blue Blubber’ the best. It is a jellyfish found on the coast of Australia. Despite it’s name it isn’t always blue, as you can see in the photos and video. Depending on where it is found will depend on what colour it is. In Melbourne it tends to be blue. At the Melbourne aquarium though they were a variety of colours.



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