Switch Lite Review

Is it worth it?

The ideal gaming console is dependent on your situation and interests. I already had access to a PlayStation 4, Wii, Nintendo 64, DS, 3DS and of course my phone. I prefer portable consoles as my primary gaming machines since I’m a journalism student living 2-3 hours away from Melbourne. Whether I’m at uni or home I have very little physical storage space. I prefer consoles which can easily fit into my pocket, handbag or backpack.

The playable screen area is roughly the same size as my iPhone SE with its cover on. The single touchscreen takes up most of the console, with the controls fitted comfortably either side and around the edges of the machine. Like the name says it is light; both physicality and aesthetically. My Switch is aqua blue, which is perfect for me and my personal aesthetic.

The only game I’ve played on it so far is Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which is now my favourite Zelda game. Previously I almost refused to play the handheld Zelda games because the graphics weren’t as good as the main console games. The power of the Switch Lite changes things drastically. Its graphics are astoundingly beautiful, especially compared to the 3DS systems. I believe Nintendo has made a genius decision in using the Switch to sell both a handheld system and a console system. I personally feel with my Switch I don’t need another Nintendo console. If I game on the TV I use my PlayStation 4. This may sound like I’m betraying Nintendo, however this is all part of their plan. Nintendo knows gamers are happy to purchase multiple gaming systems from multiple brands.

Nintendo has become the flexible option both in terms of price range and gaming system type.

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