Why Do We Need Media Laws & Ethics?

Research and opinion by Valley Lizard

While certain values may seem like common sense, apparently these days common sense isn’t all that common.

I think first we need to ask ourselves why do we need ethics and laws at all? What purpose do they serve?

Personally I find science fiction, fantasy and superhero media is often how I explore ethical dilemmas.

So clearly we need ethics and they do serve a purpose, but do we need laws to enforce them? Can’t everyone just love and respect one another? Clearly in today’s society not everyone loves or respects one another, therefore we need some some common rules to make sure our society can function. Online media is integrated into our society and therefore we need to include media laws and ethical codes into our system of governance.

Keep in mind when watching the below video, it was uploaded one year before COVID-19.

Basically morals and ethics are fundamentally important to the functioning of our planet. We obviously want to preserve Earth as long as humanly possible. To do this we need to have at least some common understanding of right and wrong. Presently despite our global society we still have separate media laws and ethics for each country. There are some laws and ethical codes with affect people from around the world, however each person is still subject to their own country’s laws and ethical standards.

I’m going to end things by saying simply to love and care for each other in these difficult times – also don’t forget to NOT get arrested.

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